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TEfra Travel Logistics GmbH - Transportation of yor luggage

Size and weight

Luggage you plan to check in at the airport as excess baggage should not exceed 90x60x30 cm in measurements and 30 kg in weight per piece. The number of pieces you can check in is unlimited of course. It is possible to transport luggage exceeding these measurements upon request.

Required documents

The addresses of your locations of departure and arrival including phone number and e-mail address. A complete packing list per piece of luggage. We gladly provide you with a sample form upon request.


The following materials are excluded from transport: dangerous goods of any kind e.g. explosives, gasoline, chemicals like paint or paint thinners, batteries, acidic materials, perfume, pressurized containers, ammunition and any kind of weapons, radioactive materials, gas etc.


Liability according to the Montreal convention. Insuring your luggage to a higher value is certainly available upon request. You agree to our general terms and conditions, which we gladly send you upon request and the ADSp. which are available here as a pdf file.

Import terms and conditions

The embassy or the consulate of the country you are travelling to offers information about their import terms and conditions. For additional information please visit the Department of Foreign Affairs at