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FAQ about TEfra Travel Logistics and TEfra Excess Baggage Service

Who is TEfra Tavel Logistics?

TEfra Travel Logistics is a company of the SCHMALZ+SCHÖN group. As part of this group you have access to highly specialized partners in the fields of transport and logistics. Orders can be taken care of by individual companies or as a full-service package deal by only one provider.

What is TEfra Excess Baggage Service?

TEfra Excess Baggage Service is an inexpensive alternative to transport excess luggage. Your luggage will be transported via air cargo and can be picked up by you personally at the airline upon arrival.

How do the rates of TEfra Excess-luggage servie compare to the rates of the individual airlines?

TEfra Excess Baggage Service is on average 80% cheaper then regular air cargo, since TEfra Travel Logistics has access to cheaper cargo rates for your luggage.

Can I use TEfra Excess Baggage Service world wide?

Yes. The only condition is that the airport of your arrival is an airport with an international customs office.

Does TEfra Excess Baggage Service also deliver door to door outside of Germany?

Yes. Within the European Union we can deliver your luggage from your door to a variety of destination. Please contact our service team for additional information and prices through our hotline at +49 800 - 500 2352.

Does my luggage arrive on the conveyer belt at my destination?

No. Luggage sent with TEfra Excess Baggage Service can be picked up in the cargo area of the airport. We will provide you with the necessary contact information so that you will have no problem finding your way at your destination. The airline we entrusted your luggage to will also contact you and assist you with the pick up.

Does my luggage with TEfra Excess Baggage Service travel in the same plane as me?

No, usually not. TEfra Travel Logistics therefore recommends that you send your luggage 4-8 days prior to your departure in order to be able to pick it up right after your arrival. Due to different regulations for cargo freight your luggage will travel in a different airplane then you. Your luggage will be ready for pick up after 4-6 hours after it has arrived.

Does my luggage travel in a passenger- or in a cargo plane?

TEfra Travel Logistics uses passenger as well as cargo planes to transport your luggage.

What airlines does TEfra Travel Logistics use?

There are several airlines that depart from German airports. TEfra Travel Logistics uses almost all of them. Often your luggage will travel with the same airline as yourself. Sometimes it makes more sense to use a different airline that connects directly to your destination without the need of any change overs.

How do I get my luggage at the destination airport?

You can pick up your luggage in the cargo area of the airline we entrusted your luggage to after it has gone through customs. As soon as we have your luggage we will tell you the name of the airline we will entrust your luggage to together with an 11-digit freight code which you can use to track your luggage online. You will also receive the IATA code of the airline, the planned date and time of arrival as well as the airline’s phone number at the airport of your arrival. In case we haven’t gotten in touch with your prior to your departure please contact us and ask for that information. This is necessary since you might encounter problems otherwise when picking up your luggage. Due to security reasons we are unable to provide you with that information prior to receiving your luggage.

How long will Tefra Excess Baggage Service take between receiving the luggage through TEfra Travel Logistics and the arrival at the destination?

TEfra Excess Baggage Service uses all international airlines and the connections available that are most suitable to your departure date. The duration of transport are usually as follows:

Southeast Asia 3 to 6 days
America 3 to 5 days
Africa 3 to 6 days
Austral-asia 4 to 8 dayse
Europe 2 to 4 days
Eastern Europe 3 to 5 days

Even though we are using the most reliable airlines we are not liable for any delays. In case of any delayed luggage we recommend staying in close contact with the airline until your luggage has been delivered. If needed please email us at info(at) We will gladly support you, but please remember any time zone differences which might slightly complicate our assistance.

Will there be any additional cost at the airport of arrival?

It is possible that there will be additional cost at the airport of arrival due to airport fees, customs fees, or quarantine fees. These fees are determined by the individual airlines, agencies or airports. If you are asked to pay for something we advise you to find out what it is that you are paying for and to ask for a receipt.

How are the import fees for goods determined?

Customs fees, taxes and/or import fees are different depending on the country you are traveling to. For personal belongings and clothing there are usually no fees. Under certain circumstances you might be required to present purchase receipts.

How do I arrange for a pick up of my luggage from TEfra Excess Baggage Service?

Call us Monday to Friday before 5 pm to arrange for a pick up the following business day or book it via email: Please make sure that your luggage is packed and ready to go for the time arranged. Please be advised that each piece of luggage should not be bigger then 30x60x90 cm and should not exceed a weight of 30kg.

How should I pack my luggage?

Your luggage is going on a big trip and should be appropriately packed. Only use good quality suitcases, bags, or boxes. Please remember that these are your personal belongings which are often irreplaceable despite adequate insurance. Please don’t exceed the specified weight restrictions. You only pay for the weight not for the number of pieces you bring. Put fragile items in the centre of the your luggage and wrap them in clothing or newspaper. For computers or any electronic devices please use only the original packaging. If this is not possible please contact an retailer. For example, boxes for bicycles are available at a bike shop. Pay attention to getting the right size. If possible let the bike shop pack your bicycle. Please ensure that the bicycle is clean. Many countries have strict quarantine regulations. Pay particular attention that your tires are free of any soil and/or dirt. Hire a professional packing company for fragile items. And as a final request – please don’t use any of the simple red/white/blue bags!

Items I should not bring or can not bring?

You would be surprised how many daily items are not allowed to be transported in airplanes. Dangerous goods are strictly prohibited. Among those are explosives, gasoline, chemicals like paint or paint thinners, batteries, acidic materials, perfume, pressurized containers, ammunition and any kind of weapons, radioactive materials, gas etc. You are required to sign a declaration upon check in stating that you are not transporting any of those items in your luggage. Please be advised that you will be held liable for any damage caused by dangerous goods in your luggage.

How do I mark my luggage?

Clearly mark you luggage on the inside as well as on the outside with both your home address as well as the address at your destination. This should also include your respective phone numbers. If you have multiple items you should mark them with respect to the number of bags in total (i.e. No 1 of 5).

What is the smallest size luggage accepted by TEfra Excess Baggage Service?

Of course you can send small, even tiny packages with us. Please be advised that we have a minimum charge ( i.e. € 150,00 one way within Europe).

Do I have to seal my luggage for transport?

You are welcome to seal or lock you luggage. You luggage will go through an x-ray machine, stored in a low pressure chamber und will only be opened in special cases. We do have to advise you though that customs at any airport has the right to open your luggage without you being present. Therefore we would like to recommend that you leave a second key with us in a sealed envelope so that we can arrange for a customs inspection upon request.

Is it necessary for me to include a list of items?

We do recommend having a packing list for customs at your destination. You should also have copies of your passport, your tickets, or your itinerary.

Will I be charged for the actual weight or the volume weight of my luggage?

Normally your luggage with be evaluated by gross weight. International airlines assume a volume/weight ratio of 167kg per cubic meter. This can be confusing, but should not concern you unless you are sending a bicycle, a surfboard, a box of feathers or any other very large, but very lightweight items. Further information is available upon request at +49.40.63657778. or +49.40-370 87-155.

What are your payment options?

We accept cash, money orders, Visa, or Mastercard.

Is it possible to send my luggage not prepaid or cash on delivery?

Unfortunately not. International airlines will only accept luggage that has been paid for in advance.

How do I determine the total weight of my luggage?

The higher value of either the actual weight or the volume weight will be used. The official IATA volume/gross weight formula is length x width x height (in cm) / 6000 = volume weight in kg.

Will TEfra Excess Baggage Service accept insufficient packaging?

Unfortunately not. The decision whether an item is sufficiently packaged lies with our employees which are evaluating your luggage during pick up. In your own best interest we encourage you to pack you luggage sufficiently to ensure a damage free transport.

Is there a transport insurance policy?

Any cargo is automatically insured by the airline with € 27,35 Euro per kg against loss or any visible damage. Damages and claims must be done immediately with the airline after receiving your luggage at the airport of arrival. Through TEfra Travel Logistics you can get additional insurance against all risk, but breakage. The premium is 2% of the overall value, but € 20 Euro minimum. We would need a detailed list with the values per article. Please call us for additional information.

Does TEfra Excess Baggage Service also ship my luggage?

No. In many cases it would take too long for your luggage. Besides that we don’t think that it would be a convenient alternative for you since we want your luggage to be available to you at the airport of your international destination.

Would shipping my luggage be cheaper then air cargo?

From our experience we realized that cargo of up to several hundred kilograms is always cheaper to send air cargo rather then shipping it. Shipping in itself is generally an inexpensive alternative, but additional cost like handling fees, port fees, and custom fees in the departing- as well as in the destination port will increase the price. In addition you won’t be able to personally pick up your luggage. You would have to hire a broker. Additional cost and inconvenience doesn’t really make this a viable alternative.

Does TEfra Excess Baggage Service transport live animals or goods that can spoil?

No. This is not possible due to international regulation.