We transport your additional luggage to a destination of your choice, safe and inexpensively

TEfra Travel Logistics GmbH - Transportation of yor luggage

Excess baggage is an inexpensive way to transport additional luggage since TEfra can offer you lower cargo flight rates.

The luggage for economy class passengers should normally not exceed a weight of 20 kg max per person. Certainly you can take more luggage in which case you are faced with a choice. You either use the expensive way and check it in as excess baggage, usually 1% of the price of a first class ticket per kilo. Or you use our excess baggage service and your extra luggage will be send as air cargo. In that case it will fly a little slower, but you will save up to 80 %.

Please book our service at 040-370 87-155 and let us know whether you would like us to collect your luggage at your home or if you would like to drop it off at the airport.

Customs requests a detailed and complete packing list, which we have to attach to each of your excess luggage. We also need the keys or the combination for your luggage since customs has the right to open it.

Please give us your contact address and phone number at your destination so that we can contact you as soon as your luggage arrives at the airport.

We will send you the flight information of your luggage as soon as we book the flight so that you can check the status of your luggage at any time.

Comfortably pay either by debit or credit card. Please have your credit card and/or bank detail ready if you order by phone.

We will call you as soon as your luggage arrives at the airport. To avoid additional cost for storage, please pick up your luggage right away, one day after its arrival at the latest.

We like to inform you that extra charges can occur for deliveries into non-european countries. Special terms and condition of local authorities my apply over which we have no control and which we were not given prior notice of.

Due to different reasons – particularly due to security reasons – the transport of your additional luggage will take a little longer than your trip. Depending on the length of your trip and the amount of luggage this can be 3 to 6 workdays.

You decide the best time to check in your excess luggage. If you need your luggage right after you arrive you should check it in a few days before your departure. If you think you can go without it for the first few days of your stay, then your excess luggage can depart the same day as you.

Some examples of prices are shown in the table below. Please call your TEfra Service Team for the exact air cargo rates at +49.40.37087-155 or send your inquirey to cargo(at)tefra-log.de.

Rate comparing
with excess baggage 30 kgs to     as excess baggage with TEfra
New York
552,- €
1197,- €
1059,- €
982,- €
967,- €
1427,- €
265,- €
265,- €
255,- €
275,- €
295,- €
275,- €