TEfra Travel Logistics GmbH - The perfect travel partner

TEfra is the convenient way to travel light as a feather without carrying any luggage!

TEfra Travel Logistics GmbH - the specialist for worldwide luggage service - offers the wide variety of services above to suit you individual travel requirements for a cruise, flight or individual road trip.

Whether you're vacation destination is a leisurely ocean cruise, a relaxing shore side resort or a tranquil heath spa, let the 5 star service begin at your front door with Tefra Travel Logisitcs

For Airline Passengers we offer our Premiumservice- we deliver your bags from your door at home to the check in-counter on selected airports.

Should you carry too much luggage with you, and your airline does accept more, than we can offer you with our excess baggage service a solution that saves you money and hassel.

Relax and travel absolutely carefree with TEfra Travel Logistics GmbH.